boxed wine mom

by childhood asthma

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made with luv from me 2 me
but also 2 u


released February 2, 2017

hi thank you for listening

thank you @ clipper arnold for hooking me up with jalipaz
and thank you jalipaz nelson for recording and helping with the tracks.

thank you @ all of my friends and my mother for the love and support

i love you so so much



all rights reserved


childhood asthma Phoenix, Arizona

my name is maya and i make music.

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Track Name: west virginia
it's a really silly thing to love the world like i do
filled with soot filled with sin
filled with you where do i begin
to recall all the masochistic bull rides
through the dirt through the pain
no joy rides here

i could sit here at home all alone
and plot my revenge
i'd hope you'd choke on your own vomit
in some apartment in west virginia
that the guilt alone would rip through you
like it ripped through me
it's all i see
god take me back
Track Name: ikea parking lot interlude
i wanna kiss you in an ikea parking lot
i want the parking lot to be jealous of me kissing you in an ikea parking lot
Track Name: why
i've been here too long
i wanna leave
another gifted night i'd rather not receive
you're right next to me beggging please
"baby won't you come home with me"
i've seen you too much
i wanna go
i don't like you much
the answer is no
i'm calling a lyft
i'm gonna fly
you crinkle your nose
and start asking "why"

now i'm home by myself
for the night
watching movies
it's alright, i'm alive, there's air in my lungs
i'm breathing
another gifted night
i'm rather not be receiving
then your texts
then your calls
changed my number
built 6 firm walls
around my house and phone and my brain
it's okay there's no need to cry
he'll never really get why.
Track Name: rant
it's funny i feel sadder now
than i ever did on your couch
watching you watch the news
while you put on your shoes i feel my hands reach for you
if only you'd reach back too
i'll be gone when the sun comes out
it's running out, bleeding me dry
i sit here and wonder why
you hide and you try to lie
you sit there and watch me cry

this life is cruel and bitter and then one day
you're dead
but that's okay we've got time to play
reenact situations in your head
before we're dead
lay here with me instead
Track Name: party song
sad clown eyes
sleepless guys
stand in line
to feel human
to feel better
lipstick stains
infect my brain
i drink past days
to feel better
but i'm the saddest clown inside the room
i'm the sucker and the punch too

the party ends
there goes my friends
you stay behind
to make me feel human
to make me feel better
you touch my face
i know this place
i feel so safe
i feel better
and i'm high flying i'm a red balloon
and morning's a needle that'll come too soon

the party's over and the night is done
your aching body doesn't feel so young
i smoked away another day i'm dumb
did you ever think it'd be this fun?